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The Italian surface cladding company, Woodskin were founded in Milan in 2013. Their work combines digital manufacturing technologies with traditional components through patented practices. The applications allow rigid surfaces to become more flexible, and flat ones to acquire three-dimensionality, widening the horizon for architectural projects and surfaces.

A group, composed by the WOOD-SKIN team, photographer Omar Sartor, Art director Michela Alquati and video maker Matteo Borghi, recently went to the Dolomites at the Marmolada Glacier to give life to the project “From Sunrise to Sunset”.

These Mesh Sheets are inspired by the natural realm, fully tracing existing organic forms and integrating them with the varied world of architecture. 

Re the project the founders of the brand Giulio Masotti, Susanna Todeschini e Niccolò Vigotti, said:

“The unpredictability of nature and its forms has always inspired us to bring the unique and unrepeatable into the architectural project, these shots are a tribute to the dialogue between WOODSKIN and the natural forms we get inspired by”

For more info visit Wood Skin


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