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“It was quite simple, we wanted to share the excitement of innovation”

Hi, and welcome to Global Innovation Magazine. We started back in 2013  as a digital magazine that we published 4 times a year for free. You can see some of our old front covers above. 


It was quite simple, we wanted to share the excitement of innovation, and that’s what we did to thousands of readers. We have interviewed and worked with some of the worlds leading companies, organisations and people trying to innovate and bring their ideas to life. Companies like Airbnb, Thomson Reuters, Team Sky and Virgin Formula E.


Simply put we aim to bring you interviews that will impact upon your work, business and life.

Please get in touch with ideas for working together, and making a difference in the world of innovation. 

James O'Flynn

I started Global Innovation Magazine several years ago, when I noticed there wasn’t any magazine offering what we did. I have been writing for the magazine ever since. There is nothing like coming across an interesting concept, or business that we can share with our readers, that’s what keeps us going. Outside of work I love music, both collecting vinyl, and sitting at my Mac recording.

Danny Gohil

I am a creative entrepreneur with multiple businesses. My passion is setting up businesses that make a positive impact on others in some way shape or form. 

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