Coloreel the Swedish textile innovation brand have won the Encouragement for Action award (Fashion Innovation), from the Stockholm Fashion District.                                                                             

The jury in this years award said:                                                                                                                         

The Fashion Innovation category is each year awarded to a company that has gazed a bit further into the future and with the help of innovation, has contributed to a more sustainable fashion industry.   

The colouring of thread and fabrics often require very large resources of water which, together with residual waste and chemicals, are discharged into our lakes and seas.

This year’s winner has, with the help of new technology, created a process that colour each single thread without water while in production. No water pollution and no residual waste. A technology that, in the near future, can be scaled and with the same principle be used for fabrics, knitt’s and more.                                                   

This year’s winner have, with their digital technology, created the possibility for a positive and sustainable change in the future fashion industry and has once again shown that Sweden is a country with a strong innovation force.

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