ITS CHRIIIIIIIISTMAS – our completely biased, pick of gifts, based upon our own desires

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Written by James O'Flynn

December 7, 2020

It’s not long now until you have to get yourself into more debt than you can afford, secured by a job in the most precarious economy, like, ever. So Merry Christmas.

To help you out (in no way what so ever) we have picked 5 things that we have disguised as things that you may like, but in reality, we have no way of knowing what you like at all ( Facebook does though, it knows you better than your wife, husband and immediate family). So again Merry Christmas.

Here is the list (of things we like, disguised as things we think you like, but that we have no way of knowing if you will or won’t)

LEGO Mos Eisley 75290


As if you’re going to spend £320 on your kid.

You’re buying it for yourself, and if you do you won’t be in the good books with anyone else in your family.

Whatever, who cares, this is brilliant. LEGO


Laphroaig 1o-Year-Old Whiskey


If like me you enjoy waking up on a morning to drink a bottle of whiskey whilst forgetting your woes, then as its Christmas, why not treat yourself to something other than strong street cider.  This really is lovely, and its price means you actually can buy it as opposed to all the other gifts on this expensive list. Whiskey


Action Method Books


God, I cant stand meetings, all that work and stuff to do. There is hope though. Keep up the pretence and veil of deceit with these books. They make you look really clever, and if you do any work, they can help with planning and getting stuff done. Action Method Books

Positive Grid Spark 

These look good don’t they, there also quite a lot of fun. It has something on it called ‘Smart Jam’ that allows you to create a virtual backing band, with bass and drums. With thousands of tunes to play along with as well as auto chords, voice control and a tuner, what more could you ask for with an amp? Spark



X Box Series S


My happiest Christmas memories are not of children opening presents, or the look on my wife’s face opening that special gift that I knew she had her heart set on. No, my happiest memories of Christmas are getting my Xbox 360, a bottle of whiskey and carton of Marlboro red’s and locking myself away for 24 hours straight playing ‘Call of Duty’. What happy times. You can imagine my excitement with this beauty being launched, and the impending levels of debauchery I have planned, the only issue now is actually getting one. XBOX S

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