If you’re looking for work during Covid, 1 do a cover letter and 2 follow these killer tips based on expert research

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Written by James O'Flynn

November 30, 2020
A study by Top Ladder has found that recruiters care less about employment gaps, and now pay more attention to cover letters and how you are following up that cover letter than they did pre COVID.
With that being said, what should you absolutely be doing if you have found yourself unemployed during the Covid pandemic?

The opening gambit should be the killer one, so let the recruiter know about your best days at work.

Cover letters used to be the add on, the thing that was a nice to have, but it seems now that the cover letter will make you stand out, and if you are going to be adding one, make sure that you do the following, which research shows WILL get your application noticed.



Start by giving a succinct overview of what you have done


The opening gambit should be the killer one, so let the recruiter know about your best days at work.

‘In 2017 I was the top achieving salesperson for the software company that I worked’

‘I’m a design expert with particular experience designing for an FTSE 100 company’

‘I won an award for Best Newcomer at my companies’ annual summer meeting beating over 150 other nominees.’

Then you need to cover:


What I am currently doing


This needs a brief statement regarding what you are doing now, and it needs to reflect your love of your work. If you don’t love your work then you need to try and muster some enthusiasm because if you don’t it will leak through onto the page. 

‘I really enjoy my current role as a media planner for HGT’

‘In the last year, I have been promoted from junior developer to senior developer’

Boost your enthusiasm again


Enthusiasm sells, so you need to boost that again by inserting a statement as to why you are enthusiastic about the opportunity, and please don’t put because it is more money than your last job. 

‘I’m passionate about the airline industry and I am particularly been interested in cargo logistics’

‘I love the challenges that marketing throws up at me on a daily basis, I especially love working with SEO and SEO data.’


Next is a brief statement as to what you want to achieve, or what is next for you.

‘After 6 years at my current role I feel that I have outgrown the responsibilities, and I’m looking for a greater challenge’

‘I feel like I am ready for the next step up in terms of administrative responsibility’


Finally, remember that this is 2020 and the days of 28 paragraphs on a cover letter are gone.

They are not needed so keep it to a brief introduction and cover the points above, before signing out in a professional and polite manner.

All you need maybe a few sentences to boost your chances of getting noticed.  

If you follow this format you are increasing your chances of getting an invite to interview, so the best of luck, and why not let us know how you get on…


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