Invitation: Global forest innovation competition final September 24th

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September 9, 2020

Paper Province, is a Swedish business and research cluster within the forest bioeconomy, with the aim of accelerating the transition toward a fossil-free society

“What wood you do?” is an international innovation competition to find the best solutions within forestry and forest bioeconomy that started in March 2020. The competition is being run by Paper Province, a Swedish business and research cluster within the forest bioeconomy, with the aim of accelerating the transition toward a fossil-free society. Now, after 53 entries from 10 countries, 6 finalists have been chosen with ideas ranging from new applications of cellulose to high-tech drone solutions. They will be competing for a cash prize of €25,000 and business support in an incubator to make their idea a reality. 


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, physical attendance is restricted and the final will be live-streamed via YouTube, in English. Live viewers will be able to send in questions, take part in live surveys and even watch interviews with the finalists remotely.


WHEN: 24 September 1 pm-5 pm CET, with a 45-minute break for jury deliberation and finalist interviews 3.15-4 pm. 
WHERE: online via whatwoodyoudo.eu/thefinal


Here are the six finalists at the heart of this new green industrial revolution:

  • Arboair – a forest scanning technology to detect infected or stressed tree with 4K cameras and colour shift analysis
  • Nordluft – A drone-based spreading system for forestry and agriculture, combining high capacity drones, a base system truck and AI-powered controls system
  • SilviBio – novel biobased seed coating, which provides a source of moisture and sustained nutrition to improve germination in dry conditions
  • FineCell – technology to produce nanocellulose in the form of dry powder – easier to integrate and use in packaging and other industries.
  • Wood tube – environmentally friendly, affordable and easy to work with patented paper tubes that replace traditional metal building studs 
  • Biosorbe – cellulose-based technology for water and air filters that removes fats, bacteria and oils


Running an innovation competition in the middle of the COVID pandemic has been challenging, but having the final totally open and live-streamed will give people a chance to see some of the amazing work and research being done and hopefully feel a sense of excitement and optimism for the future. 


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