Turning your home environment into an educational playground with Noa Haim, founder of Collective Paper Aesthetics

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August 27, 2020

Turning your home environment into an educational playground with endless opportunities for both children and adults

To many of us, the Corona Virus seems restricting, making us stay within the four walls of the place we call home. It may seem as if we see and do the same things every day, making us unable to experience and learn new things. But isn’t the novel situation and the feeling of not being able to do new things a paradox in itself? Shouldn’t we be viewing this novel situation as an opportunity to develop new ways of learning and experiencing the world, even if it is just from our living rooms?

The designer Noa Haim, founder of Collective Paper Aesthetics, introduces a new way of thinking: turning your home environment into an educational playground with endless opportunities for both children and adults. Noa Haim has developed audience-engagement and education materials that promote STEAM learning in a range of pop-up architecture and furnishing. With these modular designs, individuals can create infinite structures and experiment with the spaces around them in a three-dimensional manner.

The idea of introducing Collective Paper Aesthetics’ products into living spaces started at the beginning of the lockdown during the Corona Virus when the studio introduced a #stayathome edition of the products. Individuals are able to download templates of the products from the websites listed below and print them at home. Instructions can be found through the QR code at the bottom of the templates or with the link listed below. Compared to the studio’s existing products, the #stayathome edition is smaller and required scissors and glue as the dry connections and smart cutouts are normally created in the factory.

Even though the #stayathome edition is more convenient, it does not enable individuals to experience the same benefits as the existing models due to the material, size, and functionality of the dry connections and smart cutouts. As for this, Collective Paper Aesthetics’ is eager to introduce their existing products into homes of children and adults to offer new ways of actively learning by creating an educational playground.


#stayathome templates:                                                              






The modular living space as an educational playground includes two of Collective Paper Aesthetics designs:

The Heart stool and the Heart Board Pyramid.


Heart Stool:


The Heart Stool was designed for guided tours at MUDAM (Contemporary Art Museum of Luxembourg, www.mudam.com) during the ‘Never for Money, Always for Love’ exhibition curated by Anna Loporcaro and Bruno Carvalho within the framework of Design City 2014. The stool is made 100% out of cardboard and has one external envelope accommodating three internal axes. Customized by colour, the internal axes lead to three different themes in one stool. The stool is a great addition to the interior playground as it is both functional, stylish, and modular. It is not only possible to use the stool as a seat or a small coffee table, but, when joining together enough stools, it is even possible to make a large table! In addition to this, the stools can easily be taken apart, stored away, and be used again in the future.


Heart Board Pyramid:


The Heart Board Pyramid offers endless possibilities for building creatively within your own home. The products’ modular and carefully designed structure has gained popularity within the design and education sectors, putting the design on the shortlist for the SXSW EDU `Learning by Design´ in 2018. The Heart Board Pyramid is made from fibreboard lattice that can be folded into three-dimensional polyhedral building blocks. These blocks are connected to each other by fibreboard joints, several of which are integrated into the lattice itself. The polyhedral packs can be assembled along multiple axes, allowing for a vast variety of three-dimensional configurations. At first, this all might sound complicated, but it’s actually super simple! As the individual pieces of the product can be connected through carefully designed joints, no scissors or glue are needed. It’s like large paper Lego structures into which you can even walk inside if you join enough pieces! Depending on the number of pieces at hand, different structures can be built, including different-sized spheres and towers, or individuals can simply experiment and create unique structures creatively. Finally, just like the Heart Stool, the individual pieces of the Heart Board Pyramid can easily be disassembled and stored away to yet creating something new again in the future.



The studio Collective Paper Aesthetics was founded by the designer and architect Noa Haim, who graduated from The Berlage Institute, Postgraduate Laboratory of Architecture, in Rotterdam. Following a presentation of her graduate work in the form of participatory activity at the London Festival of Architecture 2008, the Collective Paper Aesthetics was born. Among the studio, patrons are MUDAM Luxembourg, National Gallery Singapore, Tate Modern, ICA MIAMI, Louvre Abu Dhabi and more.



Website https://www.collectivepaperaesthetics.com/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/collectivepaperaesthetics/

Twitter https://twitter.com/noahaim

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/collectivepaperaesthetics

Photographer https://www.aldwinvankrimpen.com/

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