How to innovate in times of difficulty

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May 4, 2020

Innovation is hard at the best of times. 

We have all seen vast amounts of corporate money invested into schemes that when all said and done, are perhaps falling short of their intended mark.


We will certainly look back on 2020 as a golden time for innovation, because in 2020, innovation is critical on so many levels

In times of difficulty innovation is arguably more important than ever, because the normal ways of operating, the old rules go out the window.

We will certainly look back on 2020 as a golden time for innovation because, in 2020, innovation is critical on so many levels.

So what key themes can you keep in mind when attempted to innovate in these difficult times?

I have outlined three different opportunities below that will be coming out of this situation, that may be useful in terms of kick-starting innovation in your organisation.

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Ensure you can get the right minds working on the project


Working patterns, schedules and ways of working are being torn up at the moment, while we work out the best way to operate.

 To this end it is a perfect time, to get the people in your organisation with capacity, working on something new.

Not only this, but it is also possible that the because of Covid -19 you need to move quickly and change the way you operate because if you don’t, you could be facing huge operational difficulties.

The old ways of having to get a million signs off’s for projects will also have changed, so the processes that can stop and hinder innovation are also at risk. 

Use this to your advantage, get the right people on your project, and move.

The things that are not working will be staring you in the face – use this to your advantage


Small holes in your operating model, will have the potential to become gaping huge ones and ones that will be in your face.

 You may not be able to shy away from them presently, so use this to your advantage.

Companies spend millions on getting consultants in to show them their opportunities to change and innovate.

A spotlight will be shining on your business at the moment, and a crisis will show you the opportunities to innovate.

Address the truth and take advantage of the opportunities that are becoming visible.

Look them square in the face and think about how they can become opportunities.

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United we stand


One positive thing during a crisis is the level of enthusiasm that can arise, in order to overcome an issue or problem. 

To be frank, sometimes there are no other options, what else can you do?

Leaders of organisations need to harness this enthusiasm and lead by example in terms of getting a team of troops behind a cause.

This is the opportunity to get a new wave of ideas from within the business, ideas that can change and affect your organisation.

Ask your colleagues for feedback, ask them for ideas on what can be improved, for new lines and their ideas on new opportunities.

Capture this information and take a consensus approach on what could work, and harness the enthusiasm shown for the idea.

There are no easy answers or ways to innovate, but times of crisis do illuminate certain aspects of your business, that can be improved and need to change.

From this change, it is just possible that new ways of working and innovation could be the key to a brighter future.

Good luck and let us know how things are going now, and how they pan out.



Written by James


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