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April 20, 2020

Evening, I hope this blog finds you well and safe.

I wanted to bring you up to speed with what we are doing at the magazine, and to tell you a little bit more about us here.

 For the next issue we want to tell your story, particularly if it has a connection to COVID-19, but let’s be honest what doesn’t connect to that at the moment, unfortunately.

We are looking for interesting stories to tell, to make a difference

That means that we are looking for interesting stories to tell, about businesses large and small that are working with innovative practices, to make a difference.

 If you have had to change how your working because of COVID-19 that would be interesting to know about and share with our readership.

You may be a restaurant who has had to pivot and change at an alarming pace to keep your head above water.

 Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who is trying to deliver a service or product to help in the battle against COVID-19.

Perhaps you’re a larger business who had had to adapt very quickly to the new landscape with how your staff work.

Perhaps you’re a philanthropist who is trying to make a difference to those affected.

Or perhaps there is another story to tell re COVID-19, from a health, social care or another frontline perspective.

We want to hear from you, so please get in touch with james@globalinnovationmagazine.com

If you’re new to the magazine we have been going for several years now.

We have told stories and worked with companies/initiatives that you have heard of like Formula E, Team Sky (cycling), GE, Thomson Reuters, Yes Bank and so on.

 We have also told stories from people you may not of coming across before from the single entrepreneur, to the small healthcare provider.

That’s the type of breadth that we like to cover, so it’s not about how large you are as a company or what your revenue is.

It is about the story, and if that connects or moves us, then it will move our readership, and that’s what we are interested in.

We also work with companies to curate special editions of the magazine.

Companies have sponsored parts of the magazine and entire editions whereby we work together to pick the interesting stories to tell, from the boardroom to the customer base.

Now more than ever those stories matter.

Shining a light on what you do, and who your suppliers and customers are is a really powerful marketing exercise to show you care. The printed editions also are great for your workplace, and to highlight your endeavours to the wider employee base.

We have a new website, and a new brand now also.

We also have a new staff base including a new Director in Danny Gohil.

Danny is looking at events for GI Magazine, and as we progress through the year we will be looking to hold events bringing you the excitement of the magazine in the form of talks and showcases.

Again if you have any ideas or thoughts on how we can work together get in touch danny@globalinnovationmagazine.com

I hope that brings you up to speed.

As always if you can share any information about the magazine that means the world to us and doesn’t go unnoticed. We really do appreciate it.

We are Global Innovation Magazine.


Who are you?

Written by danny

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