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Reframe Business Problems for Your Innovation Needs

Reframe Business Problems for Your Innovation Needs

Reframe Business Problems for Your Innovation Needs - by Greg Heist, and Patricia Salamone When it comes to corporate problem solving, research published in Harvard Business Review suggests there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that companies are typically...

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Sunrise to Sunset – Woodskin

Sunrise to Sunset – Woodskin

                                                                 'Avant-garde design solutions to elevate environments'.   The Italian surface cladding company, Woodskin were founded in Milan in 2013. Their work combines digital manufacturing technologies with...

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Fashion Innovation Award – Coloreel

Fashion Innovation Award – Coloreel

Coloreel the Swedish textile innovation brand have won the Encouragement for Action award (Fashion Innovation), from the Stockholm Fashion District.                                                                              The jury in this years award said:       ...

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We are looking for interesting stories to tell, about businesses large and small that are working with innovative practices, to make a difference


If you have had to change how your working because of COVID-19 that would be interesting to know about and share with our readership.

A Message From Our Editor

Hello Everyone. At the time of writing, this COVID still continues to change the way that we are conducting our lives, social interactions and business. For many, it will have been a truly horrific period of loneliness, loss and isolation. For many that will still continue. 

In the UK we are being encouraged to return to our workplaces which have been met with arguments for and against. Those against citing increased levels of wealth and happiness in their day to day existence, and those against citing the worrying impact that working from home may have on the economy and our psyche. What is clear is that change was forced upon us, and now the impact of that change will have to be dealt with, both individually with the choices we make, and on a wider level for the economy. 
These changes will lead to innovation. The conversations, movements and products that are coming out of COVID are deeply important, and as always we are here to tell those stories. As the dust is raised and settles please keep in touch to let us know how you are approaching these times with your businesses, ideas and products. We are only too happy to tell those stories.
Take care 

James O’Flynn

Editor in Chief

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